Welcome to Pico Union Neighborhood Council

We are an organization that works for the Pico Union community which is located in Los Angeles, CA.

General Board Meeting

Please join us for our General Board Meeting Monday, November 3rd, 2014, 6:30 pm at Kolping House.  There are several possible action items on the General Board Meeting Agenda.   Please come and share your concerns.


President's Message

PUNC President Mark Lee

October 10th 2014

PUNC General Board Meeting 10-06-2014

The Pico Union Neighborhood Council had a full house on Monday, with over 100 people in attendance. We got a lot of things accomplished during the meeting.

  • The Board Approved of the partnership with the Wiltshire-Metro Work Source Center - This partnership will help create jobs and job training for the people of the community
  • The Board Approved of the partnership with the Youth Policy Institute - This partnership will help to increase the number of youth who earn their GED at not cost.
  • The board has also added additional support to the Quality of Life and Outreach committee with the goal of keeping our community clean.

Our next general board meeting is on Monday November 3rd 2014 @6:30PM where we tentatively have a councilman from CD 1 planning to host a Town Hall meeting. 

Mark Lee
Pico Union Neighborhood Council
1225 S. Union Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90015

The Pico Union Neighborhood Council Announces New Executive Board

The Pico Union Neighborhood Council has installed a new 12-person board which has elected a new Executive Board.  At a Special meeting on May 28, 2014 run by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, former President Mark Lee was once again elected President of the neighborhood council.  Cynthia Rodriguez was elected Vice President.  New board member Estrella Marisol Galindo was elected Secretary and new board member Louis A. Shapiro was elected Treasurer.

“Now is the time to unite”, said President Mark Lee.  “We must come together to unite the community and work for the people of Pico Union, he added.  

There will be no general board meeting in June.  The next Executive Committee meeting will be Monday, June 30, 2014 and the new board’s first general board meeting will be held Monday, July 7, 2014.  At that regularly scheduled meeting, the board will choose three stakeholders to fill vacant board seats and address an agenda of important items that will help make Pico Union a better place to live.

PUNC Meetings

Become a guest of the General Board Meetings held every 1st Monday of each month; if the first Monday falls on a holiday, the General Board Meeting will held on the following Monday. Monthly agendas are posted in the Agendas and Minutes link located on the right side of the screen. Get involved with the decisions that affect and improve your community.

Office location: Kolping House Auditorium, 1225 S. Union Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015


Sea un huésped de las Reuniones de la Junta General el 1ª Lunes de cada Mes, si ese día cae en un día festivo, la junta se llevara acabo el Lunes de la semana siguiente. Las Agendas se fijaran en el enlace llamado Agendas and Minutes que esta localizado al lado derecho de esta pagina. Forme parte de las decisiones que afectaran y mejoran su comunidad.

Lugar de la oficina: Casa Kolping, 1225 S. Union Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015