Welcome to Pico Union Neighborhood Council

PUNC promotes public participation in government and works to improve government responsiveness to local concerns. 

PUNC is comprised of stakeholders who share a common goal. That goal is to continually improve the neighborhood and make it a better and safer place to live. PUNC is charged with enduring the integrity of spirit of the bylaws and guidelines set forth by the City of Los Angeles.

The Purpose Statement of PUNC is to participate as an advisory body on issues of concern to our neighborhood council and in the governance of the City of Los Angeles.
The Mission of this council is to provide an inclusive open forum for public discussion of issues concerning City governance, the needs of this neighborhood council, delivery of City services to this neighborhood council and on matters of a Citywide nature.

PUNC General Board Meetings are held every 1st Monday at Kolping House 1225 S. Union Los Angeles CA 90015 . You are invited to come and let your voice be heard. This is the only way PUNC can address your concerns and issues.

President's Message

PUNC President Mark Lee

December 9th 2014

Greetings Pico Union Community!  Happy Holiday,  I wish that you enjoy this time with your family and friends!

The Pico Union Neighborhood Council General Board Meeting was held on Monday December 1st 2014 @6:30PM.  The meeting was filled with stakeholders. We discussed several hot topics.

During the general board meeting several things were accomplished:

  • The Board Approved of a Partnership with the Korea Daily News to Promote "The Drinking Water Campaign.  This is the very First time the Pico Union NC is getting involved with promoting a healthy life style for the Community!
  • The Board Approved of a Partnership with the Rampart Police Division and the City Attorney Mark Feuer to Host an event to introduce the Neighborhood Prosecutor Mark Ross!
  • Empower LA General Manager Grayce Liu and the Neighborhood Council Commission President Karen Mack provided the Community with an up-to-date report and information about future policies.

Our Next General Board Meeting is on Monday January 12th 2015 @6:30PM,

Again, I wish you a Happy Holiday and a Healthy New Year!

Mark Lee


 Location: Kolping House Auditorium, 1225 S. Union Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015


Sea un huésped de las Reuniones de la Junta General el 1ª Lunes de cada Mes, si ese día cae en un día festivo, la junta se llevara acabo el Lunes de la semana siguiente. Las Agendas se fijaran en el enlace llamado Agendas and Minutes que esta localizado al lado derecho de esta pagina. Forme parte de las decisiones que afectaran y mejoran su comunidad.

Lugar de la oficina: Casa Kolping, 1225 S. Union Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015